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Job Search Success Tips for Baby Boomers
Friday, January 11, 2013

The baby boomer generation holds a special group of individuals who have been around long enough to see and experience how our society has changed over the years. As employees, they are some of the most resilient around being able to adapt to how different the job market is now from the one they grew up in. Their adaptability has been especially tested in recent times with competition being tough across all industries.

This has caused many to feel pushed into retirement as if the towel is being thrown in for them. Your career is a major defining aspect of your identity and unless you're ready to redefine yourself, you shouldn't have to. As a baby boomer conducting a job search, sometimes all it takes is some revitalization to get back in the game and pick up speed.

A good starting place is making sure that your job skills and experience are updated. Baby boomers can feel at a disadvantage because to them the technological world we live in now seems to have sprung up overnight. Meanwhile, younger generations were practically raised by technology.

Potential employers take the technological skills on your resume into consideration before generational gaps. If circumstance hasn't made you as technologically savvy over the years as you hoped (through previous on-the-job training, for example) then it's a good idea to take matters into your own hand. Getting caught up through books or by taking a course can familiarize you with the skills that younger generations have been bred to learn. Another benefit of taking skills courses is being able to earn certification.

Getting your skills updated and perhaps earning additional certifications are just the first step. Showing off these improvements and new developments in your resume is key to order to catching the hiring manager's eye. Imagine doing a side-by-side comparison of your resume and that of a recent college graduate. In what ways would they resemble one another? Anything come to mind?

Your resume is most competitive when it has as much to offer the job market as someone with recent education while retaining the advantage of being a seasoned working professional. Browse through your LinkedIn networks and connections and take a look at some of your younger colleagues' profiles. Check out their resumes, and any other links available, and use this research material as inspiration when giving your resume a makeover.

Another useful tip is to leave out dates that age you. Make sure that the experience you include is relevant to your field and the positions you apply to. You might want to show off an extensive history but you don't want to seem out of touch. Resumes today tend to be short and sweet so make sure that yours can still be distinctly impressive without having to say as much. Remember, less is more!

The last tip has to do with an update to your appearance. You don't have to make any drastic changes but  taking some measures to look well-kept will help keep you from sticking out of the crowd in the wrong way. Often times, people will blame their age as the reason for why they've lost the zest in their life when really it's their confidence level. Don't let your age make you feel less confident.

Whether it be eliminating the grey in your hair with some dye or getting back in the gym, a few lifestyle improvements here and there can do wonders in boosting your confidence level. This rejuvenation of life can help you conquer your job search and continue on the path to the success you deserve.