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Take Command of Your Social Media Presence With Your Online Resume
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The term "Googling" has been adopted over the years because of how much people were using the popular search engine to look up anything and everything--including other people. And if your social media presence is lacking, you might as well be a phantom.

A Jobvite survey found that 92 percent of recruiters turn to social networking sites for their searches, and 73 percent of them were successful in their searches. Even if recruiters aren't looking for you, if they consider you through an application, you can count on them doing further investigating into your background.

Your online reputation and brand profile has to be more than filled-in blanks. It has to have substance. To make sure that potential employers like what they see when they research you, here are some tips to help you polish up your online presence:

Get Googling. The easiest way to begin your self-investigation is to start with the basics. Employers want to see that you not only have a presence but are also accessible. If all your profiles are private, it gives the impression that you are not someone who is approachable and inviting. Employers will also wonder why you might be so reserved. Your LinkedIn profile should always be kept public.

Liven Up Your LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not just a template for inputting the content of your resume. It's a way to make an interactive one. Upkeeping it is important. When a LinkedIn profile gets stale it gets overlooked. On that note, you'll want to turn your notifications off so that your connections won't be bothered every time you make a change. LinkedIn is first and foremost a community, so don't be shy. Interact with people like you would on Facebook but do so strategically. The tone should be more like that of a happy hour among professionals rather than the holiday party.

Tweetle Dee, Tweetle Not So Dumb. Because of Twitter's short and sweet nature, it's easy for people to just have a constant stream of quick updates to turn to. While some people may be able to Tweet often and frequently, not everyone does. But building a network through it is important to getting your brand recognizable. You'll be able to connect with people who use Twitter as their main networking platform.

You can't talk tech these days without hearing about social media. Social media has permeated just about every aspect of popular culture and society. Whether you want to network professionally or share pictures of interesting crafts, there is a network for you to do so. We live in an age that is more connected--on and offline--with the world around us. In the same way that you would have reservations about a company you couldn't find online, employers feel like that about candidates. Avoid becoming an online phantom by coming well out of the social media shadows.