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How to Get the Holiday Bonus You've Earned
Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amidst all the holiday spirit, the end of the year signifies a time for giving and receiving. Many well-deserving employees look forward to receiving their holiday bonuses in order to do some giving of their own.

Sadly, this trend among companies has dwindled due to the rough economic climate. If you work at one of these companies where bonuses aren't given, don't despair just yet. Even though bonuses won't be handed out, you can still get your hands on one. The following tips might just help you make your own miracle this year:

Ask and you shall receive, hopefully. This tactic is similar to asking for a raise. It's necessary to prepare a plan of approach and execution. Since rewards and bonuses are meant to motivate you to work harder, it's a good idea to step up your performance in anticipation for this time of the year. Gather all the material and supporting evidence of your work performance that demonstrate how you've earned this bonus. Give your boss every reason for giving you a bonus and  you just might get one.

If you must, settle for the next best thing. Sometimes, companies can't give out bonuses even if they wanted to. You should always be fair in what you're asking but if that doesn't work, you still might be able to work out an alternative. Depending on how negotiations go, you could try to get some extra time off or make use of a company perk such as event tickets.

Avoid turning into a Scrooge. Bonuses are a way for companies to give recognition for a job well done so don't feel entitled to getting anything that you ask for or bitter if you don't. Rewards are given to those who are worthy and still show humility. If getting this bonus is what's keeping you with the company, don't resort to threatening them with that. You won't have to worry about being kept around and you can say goodbye to your bonus and your job. Instead, stick to the making a solid case for yourself to show what they would be missing if you no longer worked there.

The holiday season brings with it many things to rejoice about. Celebrations, family, presents, and of course the hopes of getting a little extra cash. What is important to remember during the holidays is the spirit of giving regardless of getting something special for it, as much as we would like to. Rewards can often in other ways at other times, and sometimes be better than expected.