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How to Write An Irresistable Resume For Recruiters
Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recruiters spend hours upon hours reading resume after resume. You can bet that they are used to seeing the same words repeated on a good amount of resumes. While, yes, they are looking for certain keywords that most applicants will have made sure to include on their resumes, they are also keeping an eye out for words they aren't used to seeing straight from the job description.
You are probably well aware that your resume isn't going to get much one-on-one time with the recruiter or hiring manager. If you're writing skills are on point, that's usually enough to get the recruiter's attention. That's just the first part. Your main goal is to get their eyes to linger.

If your writing skills are lacking your resume is as good as non-existant. Making a good first impression is all about making one that lasts (in a good way, of course). Keeping that in mind, these tips will help you attract that recruiter and have them curious for more:
  • Customize your resume to the T
Recruiters don't have time to read though every resume completely, let alone trying to figure out what some are trying to say. Trying to be too clever in your language and end up confusing the reader. If your meaning is not clear with just a scan of the page, the recruiter will just read the next resume which is much easier and less time consuming. Make sure your cover letters are also written to reflect each individual company and manager you are applying to. Generic cover letters are a thing of the past.
  • Prioritize your resume
Fold your resume in half. Does the upper portion have the most important information? All of the information you include on your resume should naturally be important, but you'll have to prioritize that information by most to least important. Recruiters are probably only going to read until about half of the page before they move on. The kind of info you should be putting on top should relate closest to the job.
  • Words are money
Each word on your resume should be treated like you paid for it. You want to get your money's worth from each one. Each word should build up anticipation for the next one. The better you choose your words the more valuable they are. Read your resume word by word and cover up the one after it. Are you interested in reading on or are you bored after the first sentence? Write and re-write and many times as it takes. Let friends read it and get their feedback. In a sea of resumes, you want yours to be the one that the recruiters gets hooked on.