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Score a Job With a Winning Resume
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking for a job is like going into combat. And just like any other kind of warrior, you wouldn't go into battle without a weapon. A resume is a job seeker's weapon in the job market against the other competition.

Weapons can often reflect their beholder and that definitely applies to job seekers and their resumes. The choices a person makes about how to compose their resume says a lot of about their thinking process. From the basics like font type to advancing the effectiveness of your writing skills, how well your resume constructed will determine how long you last in the fight for a job.

A weak resume can take you out of the running before you even started. Be a winner with a solid resume. If you're not sure whether your resume's infrastructure can withstand the challenge, use the following as a guideline to fortify it.

Things work best when they are built to perform a specific function. Similarly, a resume works best when it's written specifically for a target industry. Different industries and companies look for certain things when they go through resumes. Look for resume examples of a certain position type within a specific industry and use that a starting point. Pull keywords and phrases from job descriptions that will also stick out to the reader.

Coupled with being specific is being clear. Narrowing your audience means being able to narrow yourself down as well. Candidates are more valuable when they do one thing extremely well rather than being able to adequately do several things. It's easier to show off a set of skills if you can prove you've mastered them.

Another way to make yourself distinct from other candidates is by building on your personal brand. By making yourself recognizable you gain a huge advantage because you then become memorable. If you don't already have a LinkedIn account, now's the time to make one. And if you do, keep it current.

You can easily link your other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter so that you can update your online presence simultaneously. To put a cherry on top, think about creating a personal website. Websites are a great way to market yourself to a specific industry because they serve as a sort of interactive business card. Take the website for example. Any kind of these links should always be included in your resume. Anything you took the time and effort to take is worth showing off.

The thing about resumes is that there is no one thing about resumes. They are constantly changing with the times. When innovation and creativity are at their best, resumes can really shine despite their restrictive nature. Resumes, however, can only work for you if you equip them properly. Give yourself a fighting chance by putting some TLC in creating your resume fit for a champion.