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6 Ways to Prevent a Meltdown From Life Imbalance
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In an ideal world we would have our own clones and 3 pairs of arms. Well, this may not actually be the picture of  an ideal world but it would definitely serve for a more efficient one.

Sometimes, when our hands our full and life hands us lemons, we just have to let some drop. Meeting the demands of your work, family, friends, and more can make most people not even want to get out of bed.

Prioritizing the many important aspects of your life is not an easy feat and can build up a lot of pressure, pressure that will end up bursting if left ignored.

1) Focus

With so many things requiring your attention, focusing your undivided attention on anything seems impossible. But whatever it is you find yourself occupied with at any given moment, giving it all your effort will actually make life easier. Doing things halfway will only slow you down. If you end up trying to juggle more than your can, things will come crashing down. Take things one step at a timem, give it 100%,  and keep a steady momentum going.

2) Limit business trips.

Business trips can seem so important when they arise but imagine how little you would actually be able to do if you were constantly traveling. Nowadays, most business can be handled via telecommunications. Keep in mind that mainting a balance between making sacrifices and making it to family events is equally important. The miles usually aren't worth spreading yourself paper thin.

3) Morning ritual.

We all have one but most of them entail getting ourselves physically ready for the day. For some, it's heading to the gym and others it might be taking the dog out before making breakfast. What people rarely do, however, is create a ritual that includes work tasks. Create a to-do list that will help you jumpstart productivity early which will give you great momentum for the rest of the day. Give yourself a deadline, like before noon, so that you don't hold off on getting started.

4) Family first.

No matter how important or busy your work life can be, you family is forever so they should always come first. Missing out on priceless memories for a business deal is something you will not be able to go back and fix whereas your career is an ongoing work in process. Make sure that they know they are your number one client and you should treat them as such. Harmony in all areas of your life will provide for success in each as well. When you can, combine work and family time such as taking the family along on a business trip.

5) Keep the doors of your life open.

Incorporate your career, family, friends, and other parts of your life with one another. Separating these areas can be challenging and create unnecessary stress. Keeping the lines of communication open help allows your responsibilities in life to mesh and form cohesive bonds. It's understandable to shut your phone off during a meeting or while out with your family, just as long as you don't check out completely.