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Beat the Heat In and Out of the Office
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

As the temperatures go up outside it can be tempting to want to dress down. This can easily become a problem in the workplace but can be just as easily be avoided in becoming one. 

We all know that dress code standards are different in every setting, even different workplaces. Nonetheless, that standard should always be much higher than your everyday ones.

What you decide is appropriate to wear to work reflects on your judgment. There are plenty of universal dress code no-no's in the workplace and making one could hurt your professional image.

Besides, unless you're working outside, the temperature inside will usually comfortable enough to cover up. Better to play it safe than sorry so to help you avoid a chat with your boss about your choice of attire, here are some warm weather wardrobe tips:

1) Flip flops.

Open-toed shoes or dressy sandals will often be permitted in the workplace. What usually isn't permitted are the kinds of flip-flops you would wear to the pool or the beach. They simply don't belong there.

2) Sleeveless tops.

Sleeveless is acceptable to a certain extent. Sleeveless should be avoided when too much skin is visible. The general rule of thumb is that the strap be at least 2 inches wide. Unless it's a dressy shirt that meets that requirement, it would be best to try to meet in the middle with a short-sleeved shirt.

3) Shorts.

This is probably the easiest ways to turn a good outfit day into a bad work one. Unless you work in a place that allows it, shorts are pretty much taboo. While there are shorts that go to the knee, it isn't a matter of lenght or skin showing. The issue, rather, is style. In places where the norm is a dress shirt and tie, it's best to keep them paired with full-length slacks.

4) Sheer.

Sheer clothing is a bad idea for obvious reasons. It's revealing and not suitable for an office. Sheer clothes are perfectly fine when layered with other garments to cancel out the ability to see through it. You should steer clear of sheer and anything else you would have to make sure wasn't revealing anything throughout the day.

If all else fails, just copy the boss's style! Might not be as fun, but at least you'll have job that lets you buy the kinds of clothes you want to wear outside of the office.