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Can You Pin It to Win It In Your Job Search?
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You can find it's 'Pin it' button along side Facebook's 'Like' and Twitter's 'Tweet' buttons on most pages these days.

Pinterest entered the social media arena, came out a hit and is starting to make waves in the networking world.

Some people are taking advantage of the platform's visual interface to market themselves to potential employers and hiring managers.

One immediate positive affect it may have is that it's a way for the job seeker to freshen up their job search. Job searching can no doubt be an exhausting process so adding another tool in their kit gives them something new to use.

With companies already sending out recuiters to scour sites like LinedIn and Facebook, there's a good possibility that Pinterest will be the next online resource.

For people looking to find jobs within the creative arts or visually oriented industries, Pinterest boards can be used as an advantage for showcasing their work.

Many designers have already taken to the practice of turning their resumes into an example of their artwork but Pinterest allows for more media with less page flipping.

The idea of utilizing the site for job searching purposes gained public interest when a Harvard Univerisity MBA student created her Pinterest resume hoping to land a job with the company.

One of her pinned photos showed a picture of her sky-diving accompanied by the caption, "risk taker." In many cases, these images resonate louder than any words typed up on a Word document.

While the resume-pinning phenomena has yet to gain much momentum, it's shown great potential as social media portfolio of sorts.

Some tips offered by digital marketing expert for creating a

Digital marketing expert Christopher S. Penn created his own Pinterest resume and offers tips for other job-seeking pinners.

Some of his tips include:
  • Featuring LinkedIn recommendations using programs such as PowerPoint.
  • Uploading your own video from Youtube.
  • Incorporate additional slides from PowerPoint to showcase any images or creative phrases you want to grab the viewer's attention.
What about you, have you taken an interest in Pinterest?