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5 Ways to Refine Your Leadership Skills
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not everyone can play the role of leader in the workplace, but we all can exhibit our own qualities of leadership in the roles we do have.

This doesn't mean having to always time everyone else and taking on a bossy attitude. There are plenty of ways to exude leadership confidence without coming across as overly aggressive.

While some people may be natural born leaders, leadership skills are still traits that can be learned, practiced, and improved.

Leaders are what drive the success of a company. Individuals who demonstrate initiative as a leader in their current positions will usually be given the opportunity to apply those skills in an actual leadership role.

Here are some ways you can show your own leadership abilities in the workplace:

1) Be known for your resourcefulness.

Instead of being someone who looks to the person in the office everyone else turns to for help and guidance, become your own guide. Imagine if that person were not there for you to rely on to solve a problem. Use your own resourcefulness to figure things out. This will boost your confidence and make you more willing to help others solve their issues. You want people to recognize you as someone they can turn to for help and guidance.

2) Be entrepreneurial.

Leaders are somewhat over achievers. They are always seeking out opportunitie and goals to pursue and go after it. Whether it be taking classes to develop an expertise in your field or attending meetings and conferences on your own accord, doing things that are not required of you but can benefit your career are clear signs of a leader. Leaders create their own paths to success.

3) Be a mentor to someone newer.

Newer employees want to get the hang of things even when they might still be learning the ropes. Every new hire is eager to shed that "new guy" title as soon as possible. Because of this, many will struggle in silence. If you notice someone like this in your office, offer your advice and help. This benefits both parties in that you can work on being an effective communicator and they will have someone they can turn to for help without hesitation.

4) Be a part of the team, not above it.

Leaders are not supposed to be dictators. A head without a body and vice versa cannot function properly, all parts are needed for each to work. People won't follow someone who is only looking out for himself. The best leaders are one who can provide direction and guidance that is in the best interest of every team member.

5) Be a motivator.

People enjoy working for those who build up their confidence and offer support. Leaders should always bring out the best in their colleagues. People will gravitate toward this positiviy and feel good about doing quality work. The type of leader that usually fails is one that "steps over the little people" to get to the top. You can only go so far when you run out of people to step over.