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Things That Have No Business Being On a Resume
Monday, May 21, 2012

Conventional resume barriers are constantly being broken as new ways to connect with hiring managers are being created through technology. While some traditional ways of compiling a resume don't necessarily apply to each industry, there are certain things that should be left out of every resume.

Including these no-no's can make you look like an amateur at sending out professional resumes and hiring managers will be quick to toss yours aside.

No matter what field or company you are seeking employment from, remember to not include the following:

1) All the jobs you've ever had.

If you're applying for a job in the business field, you don't need to list a position you held (recently or not) in a completely unrelated field. This not only wastes valuable space on your resume, but also valuable time the manager spends looking at it. When they skim through it looking for the important stuff and don't see it, they'll move right on to the next one.

2) How old you are.

This is something that has never needed to be included on a resume, however, there are tell-tale signs from other pieces of information listed that can indicate your age. You don't have to provide the date of your college graduation or the exact dates you work at a job from years ago. There are other ways of listing your achievements from previous jobs without indicating the exact dates.

3) False statements.

Putting information on your resume that isn't true is already an obvious practice to avoid. Hiring managers are trained to fact-check and validate information. Even if it's overlooked and you do end up landing the job, there's always the chance of it being discovered and could cost you your job and your reputation.

4) Photograph.

Remember that you don't want to give your age away and adding a current photo of yourself will make how old you are as clear as day. Unless you're an actress or model, where your appearance is taken into account, leave your face out of your resume. Your accomplishments are what matter.

5) Personal information.

This includes hobbies and things about you that don't pertain to job requirements. Don't mention things like your religion or whether you are male or female (which should already be obvious by your name). Adding a list of irrelevant personal interests is another way to waste precious resume real estate.

6) Your Objective.

Objectives on a resume are practically obsolete nowadays. Companies aren't interested in what you plan to do, instead, they want to see what you've already done. Keep your resume focused on your capabilities.

7) Using Colored Paper.

There are other ways to stand out on your resume, colored paper is not the way to do it. Keep it simple and use your words to grab the reader's attention, not blinding fonts and colors.

8) Saying, "References Available Upon Request."

Not only will they already expect you to provide them with references upon request but this might also come up in the hiring process. Using this phrase is like the objective in that neither are necessary.