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One Of the Safest Careers People Fear Most
Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We might all like to hear ourselves talk (even if we won't admit it) but only those with nerves of steel can handle doing it in front of an audience which is why public speakers make big bucks.

Public speaking is actually one of the top ranking fears for people. In some surveys it surpassed the fear of flying and even terrorism.

Speaking to a large group of people, listening only to the sound of your own words with all eyes on you can give a rush comparable to the thrill of, say, skydiving. But many are still not up to taking that leap.

Careers in public speaking range from teaching a class to being broadcasted to thousands of viewers. The following are some of the common career options involving public speaking and what it takes to succeed in industries that many wish to be a part of.

1) Spokesperson
Spokespeoples' jobs are to deal with inquires to the media and give public service announements. Acting as the organization's representative, spokespeople provide the face and the voice on the outside. They make sure the company's image isn't tarnished while accurately informing the public. On average, they make between $31,000-$95,000.

2) Speech Writer
In this job the writer isn the one acutally doing the speaking. However, speech writers have to do their job as if they did. They need to understand the technical aspects of the interacttion between the audience and the speaker. The style and language written in the speech they compose is done with a reason behind it. Working the crowd is hard, and can often be even harder when doing it indirectly. Their average salaries are $31,000-$95,000.

3) Professor
College classes are typically considerably larger than ones in secondary educational institutions. Depending on the class and school, some professors can have over a hundred students just in one period. This can be tough because your lessons need to engage the students which means keeping them awake. Average salaries for professors range from $30,000-$129,000.

4) Religious Leader
Speakers in religious settings are usually expected to give inspiring speeches. These orators often show passion in what they do as it is more than a job to them. Religious leaders have a lot of influence on their audiences and some people even travel great distances to hear them speak. It can be a fulfilling career but as head of a congregation it can also be a huge responsibility. They make on average $24,000-$77,000.

5) Politician
As a public figure, politicans need to not only be comfortable with but work well in the public eye. In order to be in good favor of the people they represent they need to know how to relate to the public in campaigns. Support from constituents gives them votes and keeps them in their position. Average salaries for politicians varies.

6) News Reporter/Anchor
News anchors and reporters talk to a vast audience of viewers that tune in to hear the broadcast. Most local news stations report on similiar events, the difference between which one to trust is in part on the professionalism of the reporters and anchors. Stumbling over words and making frequent corrections will be an anchor's and reporter's downfall. People want to hear the news read clearly and accurately so stations favor putting people on air with impeccable reading and speaking skills. On average, anchors and reporters make $128,000-$146,000.

7) Motivational Speaker
This job is as close to the top-tier of public speaking jobs as you can get. if you've ever watched a motivational speaker, they're essentially given a performance. Their words and voice not only have to move you, but their body language as well. A motivational speech is meant to put you into you action. The speaker has to be able to get inside your head and spark a fire from within. They can make anywhere from $23,000-$86,000.