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The Similarites Between Resumes and Taxes
Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tax season is over for this year until the next which has many people breathing easier. There's so much pressure when it comes to doing taxes because of the importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining accuracy. Let's face it, taxes may be daunting but who wants to be audited?

The careful scrutiny and thoroughness that goes into preparing tax documents are good habits for job seekers in their resume writing approaches. Both, if not done correctly, could end up being costly.

Here are some ways that your tax preparing traits are good are beneficial to preparing your resume:

Many people take the Turbo Tax route where they have to clear their schedules to make sure that they can get it all done uninterrupted. The IRS estimated that last year it took 22 hours for the average taxpayer to prepare and file a Form 1040. That's nearly an entire day.

Putting a resume together can also be time consuming since it's almost never a done deal no matter how many times you go through it. Your resume should always be a work in progress as it should reflect new life experiences--like jobs, activities, projects, awards, etc.--that can applied professionally. Just like taxes have to be done annually, updating your resume should be done on a frequent basis as well.

All you need to stay out of financial and career trouble in your finances and career sticking to truth will ensure that. Sometimes, even white lies will raise eyebrows and sink your credibility. If deceitful claims are found on your tax return, the IRS can not only fine you as well as prosecute you. Perpetuating those lies with the authorities will dig you a hole too deep to get out of.

Avoiding that all together is the best, easiest route to take. Improving a not-so-distinguished reputation is much easier than trying to fix a damaged one. Whether it be with the government or a hiring manager, remember that background checks are often done and a red flag goes up the second there are suspicions of discrepancy.

Without organization in your tax preparations you pretty much can't get started. You must have all your documents in order to ensure that your forms are filled out properly. Plus, it would be scary to imagine spending more than 22 hours on doing taxes or risk overpaying taxes.

When writing your resume you want it to be as successful as possible. For it to be effective, it's got to be polished. Organization will be a great contributing factor to making it so. Keeping track of all the details such as employment dates, names, and addresses will allow you to spend less time having to go back and figure it all out, and more time with making sure your resume looks clean, includes all the things you want it to, and is free of errors.

Another thing about resumes and taxes is that neither of them are really enjoyable. They can be somewhat tedious and they require our fullest attentions. Nonetheless, they are necessary for parts of our lives to run smoothly and when all is said and done, they weren't so difficult that they couldn't be done. In time (hopefully) the process will only get easier.